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Farmindo's PO Processing service (POP) is a fully automated fetch-translate-deliver service for high volume PO processing. Farmindo's cloud based service is most-suitable for this purpose.
Sales Stock Monitoring (SSM) is a cloud-based service that allows you to conveniently monitor the performance of your various products sold through various trading partners. As markets are

About Company

Inventory management and procurement are critical activities in every company - large and small - due to their immediate impact to the bottom line. Under current increasingly global and competitive environment, squeezing every bit of cost savings out of procurement, selling and other business activities are thus crucial to every company. The era of cheap computing has brought many powerful supply chain management applications to most companies who are now able to manage and to minimize their inventories to lower their overall operating costs without increasing the risks of out-of-stock. Most of these improvements boil down to just-in-time inventory management which requires efficient way of transmitting orders and inventories information among organizations, specifically among buyers and sellers.